Saturday, April 21, 2007

A New Beginning!

Congratulations to me! Mary Beth, my lovely Anglo-Trakhener mare in foal to Routinier finally did it: she had her foal! Based on last year's tragedy, I opted to take her to the vet, and she HATES being in a stall (they put the mares in stalls at night) I think she crossed her legs, since she was over a week overdue...but finally she realized that she DID go outside during the day, so on Friday, April 20, she went outside, ate her breakfast, and at 9:00 am simply had her baby.

He's a gorgeous, big bay, with a big diamond and two hind socks (along with white splotches on both front heels). He's a big guy--bigger than the week old colt in the stall next to him.

Mary Beth is recovering really nicely, and once again, she's an excellent mom. Now I need to come up with an "R" name. The logical choice would be "Rhetoric" (that's what I teach), but I'm still playing with others (that I'm sure have been taken): Rattle and Hum, Radio Flyer, Revelation, Running Rhythm, even Rilke.

On another note, my yearling who was born just before Rolex last year (who was an orphan at birth--thus his name, Oliver Twist) has been feeling his hormones--mounting EVERYTHING in sight (geldings, mares, me...). So Tuesday he became a gelding. He's a bit put out, but I know we'll both be MUCH happier in the long run.

Once again, I've been listening the the Talking Equine Network, who is going to be broadcasting from Rolex, and I'm excited to hear about all the international riders. Mary King really is one of my heroes--she's still doing this at the highest levels and she's...well, at least as old as I am. Bruce Davidson is another one--as I've noted before, it was a book about him that got me hooked on eventing. There's hope for me yet.

Just a disclaimer: While I DO think I may be the first person to blog Rolex as it occurs (yet Jim Wofford, another hero, has been doing this for some time, of course. Ok, I'm behind the times), Matt the Rolex Nut has been reporting on Rolex far longer than I have. He's got some excellent pictures, too. I encourage everyone to visit his site--and his "mindless musings" site is a great political commentary/blog, as well. Rolex fans must all be genuinely smart, savvy, and kind.

I'm SO excited! Will Faudre will be at the Bit of Britain tent, and I know it's silly, but I'd really like to meet him--after all, he's a West Texan who's made it to the big leagues. NOT that I have any such aspirations--it's just good to know that West Texans can actually DO evening--and do it well!

Now if I can just get through the semester.....

On to Kentucky!

Just wanted to note, in the midst of my happiness, how my heart aches for the folks at Virginia Tech. One of my former colleagues (and a mentor) is now Chair of the English Department there, and I know it's hard for her to try to lend a voice to this tragedy. And the friends and families of the victoms--I can't even imagine how hard it must be to just go on. My thoughts are with you.

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