Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Journey Delayed

Donna and I have arrived! I thought, smugly, that since I had PAID for my flight, I would have a shorter, easier flight. Donna got a free flight on SWA, which means many plane changes. She left at an ungodly early hour, and I didn't leave until 9:05, but we were supposed to arrive about the same time. Not.

Once again, we find that SouthWest Airlines is ON TIME and awesome. American functions, but my 2.5 hour layover was completely eaten (and then some) by delays in both Lubbock and Dallas. I guess they were playing catch up from the night before. But why doesn't SWA have to play catch up??

We both sat next to "interesting" folks. I sat next to someone in Obama's campaign, and in front of four people going to Rolex. Intellect and Excitement! I won't comment on Donna's seat mates....

Even though Donna had to wait over an hour for my plane to land, we both got our bags, we were able to get our rental car (Alamo, of course-we ARE Texans, after all), and we made the trip from Louisville to Lexington without a hitch. Ok, there was this one hitch while I was gazing at the gorgeous horses/farms and almost hit a bus...but other than that, no problems. It's absolutely verdant here--green and lush and incredible. Oh, how I miss trees and rolling hills and water....sigh. What a beautiful place this is. It's not raining, though it's cloudy. I feel for the dressage riders who are going to be riding tomorrow; there is an 80% chance of rain. Ugh. But the forecast is better for the rest of the weekend. I'm so excited!

I even was able to get online to "teach" my class tonight (we had a guest speaker, so I merely had to "facilitate").

And my wonderful brother made baked spaghetti and salad for us.

Last week, I went to the mailbox to find a fat letter from Carolyn Borgert. ALWAYS a thrill--it's my jump judge packet. Opening it to find my hang tag, my badge, and a Rolex bumper sticker...well, it makes my heart go pitter pat. I'm going to be a part of the greatest equestrian event in the US! It's coming! And here is my garb!

We've already decided to go to Quillan's leather shop on the way to Rolex to buy leather halters for our babies (Donna's mare is in foal to Routinier as well, and due about a week after Rolex). Then it's off to the Kentucky Horse Park. Until tomorrow....Don't forget the daily Rolex reports from the Talking Equine Network!

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Nell said...

Hooray for Rolex! I haven't read your earlier blogs, but I'm a college student driving 10 hours from Swarthmore, PA to go watch this year (we're leaving tonight). I've always wanted to watch an event like this, after seeing Badminton etc on video so many times. Your enthusiasm makes me feel less ridiculous. It's nice to see others so excited!