Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gearing Up

I've just listened to the Talking Equine Network's "Ask the Vet" show, and they're going to do a special, pre-Rolex show next week (April 20th). I'm psyched! It's almost here! The podcasts have been really, really fun to listen to--I've enjoyed them all, but particularly the "up and coming" rider Will Coleman, Jimmy Wofford, David O'Conner, Kim Severson....and the "ask the vet". The equine dating thing was fun, too.

I'm bringing Donna to Rolex this year, my fellow West Texas Mommy who Events. We'll be coming back to do Greenwood, so it's going to be a rolicking, eventing spring.

We'll be staying with my brother again, who lives in Paris, KY, just a few short minutes (and the most beautiful drive ever) from the Kentucky Horse Park.

As usual, I'm waiting for a baby this year--but I FINALLY got smart; Mary Beth, the anglo-trak mom in foal to Routinier, is at the vet's. No more getting up every hour! No more stressing over the birth! I just wait for the phone call.

Last year's baby (the little orphan Oliver Twist, Ollie for short) just got "fixed" today....poor guy. He's feeling a bit out of sorts. And we've waited THREE WEEKS to avoid the rain, so guess what it started to do while he was still down??

Here's to a fantastic Rolex, a healthy baby (and healthy mommy), and a fully recovered Ollie. More to come!

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